Mordrinnia’s Vale

The Vale is a much more peaceful place. After months of fighting the evils of the Vale the people can finally rest easy. A group of adventurers has ousted the most malicious creatures and scattered their tribes. Now only the green dragon that united those tribes stands between this land and peace.

But for eight long years those heroes disappeared. During a time in which the land could make the most use of its heroes both the saviors of Mordrinnia’s Vale and her famed protectors, the Woodsmen, disappeared while chasing Drow into the forest. The heroes thought only a few days in a strange Fey wilderness had passed, but as they fought the lunacy of Dwonderdale the Vale was being torn apart by factions and invading duchies. Each duchy, of course, only had the Vale’s best interests in mind. As the new dawn arises are heroes begin to suspect a much deeper threat to the Vale. Something that encouraged and spurred on such a destructive war. The Face of The Deep has settled on Mordrinnia’s Vale and its future, along with the future of all Aorth hangs in the balance.

Shadow and Flame