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Built on a number of hills, Rellias is one of the oldest settlements in Mordrinnia’s Vale. Many ancient structures were integrated into the town. The most beautiful architecture can be found on each peak of the hills.

1800 people live in and around Rellias, for some reason many of the dragonborn of the Vale live or have lived in Rellias at some point in their lives. To this day the population is split between humans and dragonborn.

Cinder Xylin is the Elder of Rellias. She is a red-scaled dragonborn who feels that the other elders don’t respect the legacy that Rellias has. Cinder feels under appreciated and ignored by the other elders in the Vale. In reality it is her ego that turns off the Elders.

Cinder not only handles the administrative tasks of Rellias but has also muscled her way into the military half of governing. She expects her 75 full time soldiers to be in top fighting shape at all times and has them train constantly. Her charisma has ensured not only discipline and obedience but somehow she has even captured their respect.

Bar & Grill of the Checkered Lord, Ydrian’s Inn, Cony Soup, Cornell’s Still, and The Green Dwarf Beerhaus are popular stops.

Major Guilds/Organizations:
Tiamet’s Chosen (Secret); Prospectors; Teamsters and Farriers; Weavers; The Woodsmen

Seventh Star Dry Goods, The Merc’s Rack, The Stumbling Sage, The Crafty Smiths

Covet House (Secret, Tiamat); the Clock Tower (Erathis); Sun’s Rays (Bahamut); Warroom of Kord; Darkest Night (The Raven Queen)
Main Page


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