Built in the treetops of the Melorn Forest, these elves keep mostly to themselves and only occasionally make forays into Banquo or other towns for goods. Located in the south central area of Mordrinnia’s Vale Mellorell is an idyllic refuge and the headquarters and home of the Woodsmen. Visitors are often taken by surprise by the Avantgarde Expect to be seen and expected long before you arrive at the roots of this village.

Population: 1,450 people live in the trees and surrounding area of Mellorell. The vast majority of these people are elves, half elves, and gnomes. A handful of other creatures live and work in Mellorell.

Government: Out of respect for the other People of the Vale Mellorell submits to the authority of the Eldest. They, in turn, have an Vale Elder who represents them in the region. Galilia Gala is the current Elder having only recently accepted the position.

Defense: The primary defense of Mellorell falls to the Avantgarde, a group of stealthy defenders who ensure no one enters the woods surrounding Mellorell without being detected. There is neither a cap nor a minimum for the Avantgarde as any member of the Mellorell community that would like to join is accepted. Currently, 136 Mellorell’s serve in this capacity. The commander of the Avantgarde is selected the same day a new Elder is named. Shiela Barkheart is the Bowmaiden of the Avantgarde.

Inns/Taverns: The Duke and The Dragon, The First Yellow Leaf, Appadal Boarding House, A Bird in The Hand, Broken Oak Inn.

Major Guilds/Organizations: Prospectors, The Woodsmen, and the Weavers are all active in Mellorell

Supplies: Sendrill’s Spellcraft, General Goods, The Roots, Airdor’s Market, Feyblade Smithy

Temples: Four Seasons, (Corellon, Sehanine, Melora, and the Raven Queen), Wayfarer’s Respite (Avandra), Ioun’s Library (Ioun)

The first sign that you have reached the outskirts of Mellorell comes from the elven voice calling down from above you, “State your business in these lands… Melora’s grace, sorry friends, of course please follow me.” A lithe elf drops silently to his feet before you. Greenery adorns his bark-brown leather armor. After a few more minutes following the elf up the winding path you come to the tree-village of Mellorell. Although there are a number of buildings at ground level the vast majority of Mellorell’s architecture is suspended in the towering oaks and maples of Melorn Forest. Villagers glance momentarily in your direction as they go about their business making their way across the rope bridges and vine swings that connect the multiple structures.


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