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Welcome to Mordrinnia’s Vale!

Mordrinnia’s Vale is the name of the basin that sits between the Lovers, Mord and Rinnia. Dwarven legends tell of a pair of famous lovers that were inseparable for decades. One day a message came for Rinnia calling her to her home clan, some deep evil from the Underdark burst from the thin floor of a deep mine. Mord, of course, pledged his life and fate to that of his bride’s clan, however, it was not meant to be. Moments later a second messenger arrived, this one for Mord. His father had just been killed in a fierce battle with a troglodyte tribe and Mord was needed to take control of his father’s mines and other responsibilities. The two, knowing that they could not shirk their respective duties, kissed each other goodbye and went their separate ways. Each would be killed in battle never to see one another again.

For generations beyond counting Mordrinnia’s Vale has been under the control of the many monstrous tribes that also live in the Vale. Nearly 80 years ago a green dragon came and wrest control of the Vale from those varied tribes and subjugated the People of the Vale under her purview. Recently you and your allies have systematically rid the Vale of most of its more malicious denizens. Today you finished your greatest task. You have defeated Shiathrax, driving her off, and are returning to Banquo victorious.

After celebrating victory came the time for diplomatic battles. The duchies to the east and west of Mordrinnia’s Vale each have an eye on the land as a central location to encourage trade or defense. The Heroes of the Vale along with The Woodsmen mysteriously disappeared for eight long years. During their absence diplomacy failed and the two nations went to war with the small Vale in the crossfire. There was a great deal of destruction and a lot of changes since the PCs last visited this realm.

Towns, Villages, and Hamlets of the Vale

Below are the last known states of the settlements in Mordriannia’s Vale, as each are visited following the eight years of violent war the known factors are likely to change. The Prospectors guild would also have the up to date information an adventurer might seek.

Delver’s Dale

Important Guilds & Organizations Within the Vale

Blacksmiths and Smelters
Teamsters and Ferriers
The Merchant’s Shield
River Bargemen
Dwarfland Mining Corporation
The Woodsmen

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