This beautiful little hamlet sits among the foothills northwest of Banquo. The hills surrounding the hamlet are covered in the vineyards of the Lindley Family Vines. For generations the halfling family has owned the land and the success of their vineyard is what led to others occupying these hills. Very few families occupy this region of Mordrinnia’s Vale without having worked for the Lindley family at some point.

Population: Only 150 people live in and around Lindley. Of that number nearly 1/3 are first or second cousins to the Lindleys.

Government: Lindley adheres to the same form of government that the rest of the Vale enjoys. Currently the Elder is Mortimour Lindley the Patron of the Lindley family. Although he no has a great deal of participation in the family business, having passed that on to his oldest son years ago, he has a very sharp mind and has led the hamlet responsibly for the past six years.

Defense: Lindley does not have a standing guard. The young people of the Lindley family all train in a certain amount of martial or arcane abilities so that they can protect the vines from marauding creatures. Today six halfling warriors and one arcanist protect not only the vines but the rest of Lindley by extension.

Inns/Taverns: Lindley Winery, Sungrass Nook, The Blackberry

Major Guilds/Organizations: Lindley Wines, The Woodsmen

Supplies: Merle’s, Allyson Feed

Temples: Wayfarer’s Shrine (Avandra)

You arrive at a quite little hamlet with only a handful of houses. The hills behind the largest structure in town are covered in vines and orchards. This is the hamlet of Lindley. Named after the halfling family that settled here generations ago, Lindley is a center for fine wine and beverages of all kinds. It is said that between Lindley Winery and the Golden Tankard in Banquo the gods themselves could retire and settle down in Mordrinnia’s Vale. Its a wonder that so much came from such a small place.


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