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Sitting in the Northeastern corner of Mordrinnia’s Vale, Delver’s Dale is a dwarven mining outpost. The hamlet was set up long before the beasts of the Vale began troubling its more civilized occupants. Most of the materials brought out of the earth at Delver’s Dale make their way underground to the Dwarven fortress Shieldhold where they are then taken deeper into dwarven lands. The detritus and less ideal materials travel west along Rinnia’s Tears and eventually to a city like Banquo or some other Freetown of the Vale to be worked and then sent on further down river.

400; The people of Delver’s Dale are mostly dwarves and humans. A handful of gnomes showed up in town one afternoon years ago and have mostly kept their antics to themselves having set up in the small grove of trees east of town.

This Hamlet is ruled by a Vale Elder. People of the Vale expect their elders to serve them through wisdom of age and leadership. Because Delver’s Dale was set up as a dwarven outpost the dwarven population insists that the “Elder” always be a dwarf. The current Vale Elder of Delver’s Dale is Bidlen Deepmine, a respectable dwarf and former miner. In addition to the Vale Elder, the hamlet of Delver’s Dale is served by the commander of its armed forces. Captain James Stradk, he is the public face of justice and commander of the city militia. Although he holds no true political power the Understood Laws of the Vale are presumed to be obeyed since Captain Stradk is most often found in The Rusty Kettle instead of patrolling only dealing with the most severe breaches of the Understood Laws.

The hamlet has 15 soldiers on duty at various times throughout the day all are Captain Stradk’s cronies and are mostly there for show. The danger of the Vale however does ensure that there are always at least five on duty at any given time. In times of crisis, Bidlen Deepmine, Hamlet Elder and the manager of Delver’s Dale mines, can call up reinforcements from Shieldhold and other dwarven settlements in the mountains to come up with a force 100 strong of well equipped and determined dwarven fighters.

The Rusty Kettle Tavern serves as the only boarding house and tavern in Delver’s Dale although it is said you would be better off filching drink from the miners of the Dale and sleeping in their hovels.

Major Guilds/Organizations:
only the Blacksmiths and Smelt­ers and The Woodsmen can be found in Delver’s Dale along with the Dwarfland Mining Corporation.

Sternfist’s Smithy, The General Store, and Juvaliah’s Herbal Remedies are the only merchant presence in town.

Moradin’s Forge and the Queen’s Throne (a shrine to the Raven Queen with only a self proclaimed priest who serves as the Dale’s mortician)

It isn’t so much that you arrived at Delver’s Dale as it spontaneously burst from the side of the mountain. Your view of Delver’s Dale is unremarkable. A few miners can be seen aside the mountain walking up to their daily labor. Only the grey dome of a temple and a single keep tower is notable over the miner’s shanty’s and wooden log homes. The lone covered bridge leading into the hamlet proper is manned by two rather lazy looking guards with crossbows. You are nearly halfway across the bridge when one jumps with a start and holler’s “You are there… who… stop! I mean… Stop, who are you there?
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Delver's Dale

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