Shadow and Flame

Demi-Gorgon in a hole

The lesser aspect of Demi-gorgon came out of the hole and trounced the party and Juan jumped in a whirlpool. We get the building, Tareb Manor as a base. We have a heated discussion about where to go next and decide to sleep on it. On waking Colarn, the spirit, and a couple of his buddies who have materialized say they need to see this through. They lead the party to a tome that the cleric instantly recognizes as “Ioun’s Lectionary”. We head out shortly to look for Divad. He had left on a diplomatic mission, we were told by a surly dragonborn. We head out to track Divad and his retinue. We realize by early evening that they are on horseback and we are not. We use the Lectionary to use linked portal to travel to Mellorell. When we come out of the portal we realize the gate is splintered and there is smoke rising from the city. We see quite a few Mellorellians fleeing to the treetops. The party heads into town and into the fray. Many creatures that seem to have suffered from the touch of the Demi-gorgon are attacking the town along with a large ettin. After a long and arduous battle the party is victorious. Unfortunately the town is now ablaze. The elder calls the townspeople and after a couple of hours the fire is dampened. The elder Galilea tells us the Woodsmen chased Shiathrax out of town. The party gets excited about the possibility of vengeance. The new party member, Adiah, uses a ritual to point out the direction to travel after some general party confusion, per usual. We travel the rest of the day and after resting we continue towards the dragon. We hear a fearsome roar…the battle is on. Shiathrax appears in a pit, her wings replaced by tentacles and her one head replaced by two. The cleric rushes forward but not in time to save Shondre. the battle is on… Each time a head falls two grow in it’s place, the whipping tentacles impede the party and yet the heroes soldier on. Finally the beast falls. Adiah, the invoker, uses speak with dead to ask Shiathrax three questions. The first is “Where is your treasure horde?” Shiathrax replied “In my lair of course” The second question was what is the plan? “The battle at Relleas will be a distraction so that they can recover the dragon fang from the “Troll Warrens” The last question was where can we find your associates before they find the dragon fang? Shiathrax replied ” why would we need to find it? it’s already found…it’s only protected.”

Long Days in Dwonderdale

Down the rabbit hole our heroes fell and into a world called Dwonderdale. They were greeted by the most peculiar sleep colored cat who spurred the adventures through the unusual wilderness of this Fey land. Through a mushroom forest and into a Catepillar’s glade our heroes marched continually being reminded by that cat that they way out was deeper in. A realm traveling stranger helped for a few hours and just as spontaneously as he arrived, disappeared. And a new ally was met rolling around in the dirt, a human cleric who claimed to be showing the way to Moradin. For the next few days, it seemed the heroes made their way across the rolling, occasionally bouncing plains of Dwonderdale, over the shark infested river, past the tall thin pillars of rock topped by trees, through the home of a Jabberwock, and into the queens’ croquet grounds. Along the way the heroes were able to find and drag along the various members of the Woodsmen, each of whom had descended into some form of lunacy. Nearing the end of their journey the heroes were periodically reminded of the influence of Dwonderdale on their own minds, especially during the episode involving a jubjub bird and the ease with which the queens could turn the party on one another. After slaying the black queen and her ace generals that smiling cat thanked the heroes for reopening the throne of Dwonderdale to its rightful owner, himself the first creature of Dwonderdale and the being whose dreams mold and shape the land. The party was invited to visit any time they needed a rest and sent back into Mordrinnia’s Vale where they soon discovered many years had passed. As a consolation, it seems Juan, a member of the group with no memory of his past, has been recognized by a Shinodd soldier. We can only wonder what this New Day might reveal.

A Torn Vale

Over the course of trade and protection discussions the people of Shinodd and the representative from Couldare did their very best to garner the support of the famed heroes of the Vale. Neither side seemed to be making any headway and the majority of the party seemed most interested in an independent Mordriannia’s Vale. Belial Lushland, Vale Eldest, and her son Divad Lushland hosted talks that went on for more than a week. As the talking descended into argument a contingent of drow attacked the city of Banquo. Summoning great demons and commanding a squad of spider mounted goblins, the drow did much to disrupt the spirits of the people of Banquo, who oh so recently received word of victory. The Woodsmen and the Heroes of the Vale fought off the drow and heard that the argument had come to blows. As the Woodsmen chased the drow into the forest the Heroes of the Vale went to investigate the disturbance at the Eldest’s manor. They arrive to find a number of dead soldiers from both Shinodd and Couldare, along with the slain figure of Eldest Belial. The remaining duchy agents finished each other off, each decrying the other of treachery. Divad Lushland reported the descent of an assassin that so quickly dispatched his grandmother and retreated that there was nothing he could do but watch the fighting escalate around the Eldest’s cooling remains.
Having returned to the forest to join the Woodsmen in their hunt and bring them back to Divad at his request, the heroes of the Vale find a well protected rabbit hole and the body of Kullum the gnome Seeker of the Woodsmen. Suspecting perhaps, that the Woodsmen had chased the drow into the Underdark the party jumped into the hole to give chase. What followed was perhaps the greatest disaster the Vale had yet to experience.
With both of its groups of heroes away, Shinodd’s soldiers, who had camped on the South end of Banquo, and Couldare’s agents and Warmages, who were hiding amongst the populace went to war. The resulting destruction to Banquo was severe. Each group wanted to hold the capital but neither could gain the necessary foothold. Each were evacuating civilians back to their lines spreading the news that the other had assassinated Eldest Belial. After months of fighting over Banquo, each duchy considered the city to be a lost cause and left its rubble strewn streets and destroyed buildings to those too poor or infirm to have made it out of the crossfire. In the next eight years the Vale would see fighting unlike it had ever experienced. Where could Banquo’s savior’s be?

A Hard Fought Victory

The weeks and months of preparation have paid off. After a battle that seemed in the your favor the entire fight you have driven Shiathrax out of the Vale. Unfortunately, despite your very best efforts she did manage to limp away.

After a brief side trek to Lindley to investigate some unusual visions Willow received, your return to Banquo was triumphant and for nearly a week the People of the Vale lifted you up in celebration as heroes. The Vistani, a race of gypsy wanders that haven’t been seen in the vale for 80 years, also came to join in the celebration. One of the elder Vistani gave a dire warning to Winston that greater danger has yet to come.

On the fourth and fifth days of celebration diplomats arrived in Banquo, there to congratulate you on your victory. The eladrin woman, Moneiq, that hailed from Couldare treated you to a spectacular breakfast and seemed to take more than a passing interest in a member of your party, as a late night visit proved. While a dragonborn soldier arrived to pledge his soldiers from Shinodd to the defense of the Vale. It seems both have something to gain by obtaining your trust and your commitment to their land.

You can’t help but get an ominous feeling that the sixth day is going to begin a very important next couple days.

Many Months Work

For months now you and your allies have fought the varied evils of the Vale. You have destroyed orc tribes, you stopped illithid conspiracies, and you have proved yourselves to be the Defenders of the Vale. You are recognized and loved in every town, village, and hamlet. It seems that you can’t even enter a tavern without someone buying you a drink. Now is the eve of your final battle. The evil green dragon that has subjugated the Vale is your next target. If you and your allies can drive off this threat then all will be well and the People of the Vale can live in peace.

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