Divad Lushland

Grandson of the late Belial Lushland, he may be seen again soon.


Divad is not a militant man but is a leader through and through. Although he is capable of defending himself it is not his wisest course of action. Eight years of defending the “wall” of Banquo, the mass of rubble that sits at the north end of one of the bridges, has made him quite proficient with a crossbow and better still at instilling fear into those that might attempt to take the shanty town.


Eldest Belial’s oldest grandson, Divad, has always grown up under her care. As he developed into a man he proved to have a sharp mind and a good head for leadership. As his grandmother advanced in age, she began to experience the effects of so much wear on her body and mind and began to leave decisions, secretly of course, to her grandson. Under the two’s leadership the Vale was finally freed and was becoming a place of great trade with the Vistani and halflings from the south and the dwarves to the north. With his grandmother’s death fresh in his mind and being the defacto leader of a city destroyed by war. This once proud young man is but a shadow of his former self. For eight years he has done his best to keep the remaining people of Banquo safe but there is little he can do against the Guild Rats who nest south of the shanty down the city has become and lesser still against the occasional evils that beset the rubble strewn streets from every side.

Divad Lushland

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