Shadow and Flame

Long Days in Dwonderdale

Down the rabbit hole our heroes fell and into a world called Dwonderdale. They were greeted by the most peculiar sleep colored cat who spurred the adventures through the unusual wilderness of this Fey land. Through a mushroom forest and into a Catepillar’s glade our heroes marched continually being reminded by that cat that they way out was deeper in. A realm traveling stranger helped for a few hours and just as spontaneously as he arrived, disappeared. And a new ally was met rolling around in the dirt, a human cleric who claimed to be showing the way to Moradin. For the next few days, it seemed the heroes made their way across the rolling, occasionally bouncing plains of Dwonderdale, over the shark infested river, past the tall thin pillars of rock topped by trees, through the home of a Jabberwock, and into the queens’ croquet grounds. Along the way the heroes were able to find and drag along the various members of the Woodsmen, each of whom had descended into some form of lunacy. Nearing the end of their journey the heroes were periodically reminded of the influence of Dwonderdale on their own minds, especially during the episode involving a jubjub bird and the ease with which the queens could turn the party on one another. After slaying the black queen and her ace generals that smiling cat thanked the heroes for reopening the throne of Dwonderdale to its rightful owner, himself the first creature of Dwonderdale and the being whose dreams mold and shape the land. The party was invited to visit any time they needed a rest and sent back into Mordrinnia’s Vale where they soon discovered many years had passed. As a consolation, it seems Juan, a member of the group with no memory of his past, has been recognized by a Shinodd soldier. We can only wonder what this New Day might reveal.



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