Shadow and Flame

Demi-Gorgon in a hole

The lesser aspect of Demi-gorgon came out of the hole and trounced the party and Juan jumped in a whirlpool. We get the building, Tareb Manor as a base. We have a heated discussion about where to go next and decide to sleep on it. On waking Colarn, the spirit, and a couple of his buddies who have materialized say they need to see this through. They lead the party to a tome that the cleric instantly recognizes as “Ioun’s Lectionary”. We head out shortly to look for Divad. He had left on a diplomatic mission, we were told by a surly dragonborn. We head out to track Divad and his retinue. We realize by early evening that they are on horseback and we are not. We use the Lectionary to use linked portal to travel to Mellorell. When we come out of the portal we realize the gate is splintered and there is smoke rising from the city. We see quite a few Mellorellians fleeing to the treetops. The party heads into town and into the fray. Many creatures that seem to have suffered from the touch of the Demi-gorgon are attacking the town along with a large ettin. After a long and arduous battle the party is victorious. Unfortunately the town is now ablaze. The elder calls the townspeople and after a couple of hours the fire is dampened. The elder Galilea tells us the Woodsmen chased Shiathrax out of town. The party gets excited about the possibility of vengeance. The new party member, Adiah, uses a ritual to point out the direction to travel after some general party confusion, per usual. We travel the rest of the day and after resting we continue towards the dragon. We hear a fearsome roar…the battle is on. Shiathrax appears in a pit, her wings replaced by tentacles and her one head replaced by two. The cleric rushes forward but not in time to save Shondre. the battle is on… Each time a head falls two grow in it’s place, the whipping tentacles impede the party and yet the heroes soldier on. Finally the beast falls. Adiah, the invoker, uses speak with dead to ask Shiathrax three questions. The first is “Where is your treasure horde?” Shiathrax replied “In my lair of course” The second question was what is the plan? “The battle at Relleas will be a distraction so that they can recover the dragon fang from the “Troll Warrens” The last question was where can we find your associates before they find the dragon fang? Shiathrax replied ” why would we need to find it? it’s already found…it’s only protected.”



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