Shadow and Flame

A Torn Vale

Over the course of trade and protection discussions the people of Shinodd and the representative from Couldare did their very best to garner the support of the famed heroes of the Vale. Neither side seemed to be making any headway and the majority of the party seemed most interested in an independent Mordriannia’s Vale. Belial Lushland, Vale Eldest, and her son Divad Lushland hosted talks that went on for more than a week. As the talking descended into argument a contingent of drow attacked the city of Banquo. Summoning great demons and commanding a squad of spider mounted goblins, the drow did much to disrupt the spirits of the people of Banquo, who oh so recently received word of victory. The Woodsmen and the Heroes of the Vale fought off the drow and heard that the argument had come to blows. As the Woodsmen chased the drow into the forest the Heroes of the Vale went to investigate the disturbance at the Eldest’s manor. They arrive to find a number of dead soldiers from both Shinodd and Couldare, along with the slain figure of Eldest Belial. The remaining duchy agents finished each other off, each decrying the other of treachery. Divad Lushland reported the descent of an assassin that so quickly dispatched his grandmother and retreated that there was nothing he could do but watch the fighting escalate around the Eldest’s cooling remains.
Having returned to the forest to join the Woodsmen in their hunt and bring them back to Divad at his request, the heroes of the Vale find a well protected rabbit hole and the body of Kullum the gnome Seeker of the Woodsmen. Suspecting perhaps, that the Woodsmen had chased the drow into the Underdark the party jumped into the hole to give chase. What followed was perhaps the greatest disaster the Vale had yet to experience.
With both of its groups of heroes away, Shinodd’s soldiers, who had camped on the South end of Banquo, and Couldare’s agents and Warmages, who were hiding amongst the populace went to war. The resulting destruction to Banquo was severe. Each group wanted to hold the capital but neither could gain the necessary foothold. Each were evacuating civilians back to their lines spreading the news that the other had assassinated Eldest Belial. After months of fighting over Banquo, each duchy considered the city to be a lost cause and left its rubble strewn streets and destroyed buildings to those too poor or infirm to have made it out of the crossfire. In the next eight years the Vale would see fighting unlike it had ever experienced. Where could Banquo’s savior’s be?



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