Shadow and Flame

A Hard Fought Victory

The weeks and months of preparation have paid off. After a battle that seemed in the your favor the entire fight you have driven Shiathrax out of the Vale. Unfortunately, despite your very best efforts she did manage to limp away.

After a brief side trek to Lindley to investigate some unusual visions Willow received, your return to Banquo was triumphant and for nearly a week the People of the Vale lifted you up in celebration as heroes. The Vistani, a race of gypsy wanders that haven’t been seen in the vale for 80 years, also came to join in the celebration. One of the elder Vistani gave a dire warning to Winston that greater danger has yet to come.

On the fourth and fifth days of celebration diplomats arrived in Banquo, there to congratulate you on your victory. The eladrin woman, Moneiq, that hailed from Couldare treated you to a spectacular breakfast and seemed to take more than a passing interest in a member of your party, as a late night visit proved. While a dragonborn soldier arrived to pledge his soldiers from Shinodd to the defense of the Vale. It seems both have something to gain by obtaining your trust and your commitment to their land.

You can’t help but get an ominous feeling that the sixth day is going to begin a very important next couple days.



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